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September 1, 2021by Fiona O'Donnell0

Well, here we are, at another new beginning! is the new official blog. While I have always had lots to say, it has occurred to me (based on continuous messages and emails) that some of you actually want to hear about my exploits and adventures – be they food failures, triathlons, kids lunchbox ideas or weekend adventures with the family. Most of you will be aware that I am sitting patiently, waiting for that one perfect kidney to come sweeping into my life so that I no longer have to break my day into ‘newborn baby in the house’ style 4 hour increments. Ok, ok…..I see the looks of confusion on your faces, maybe you haven’t heard me chatting about my dialysis so I will explain in brief. Since Christmas 2016, I’ve been on 4 hourly peritoneal dialysis – this is where I fill my abdomen with fluid. It washes all the toxins out of my system, and 4 hours later, I empty the fluid out and repeat the process.

This blog is not about my experience of PD, but I guess it may feature from time to time as its a huge part of my daily routine. I would prefer that this blog might offer some insight into our outdoor lifestyles and our huge efforts to stay fit and healthy through activity and great nutrition. Is there the odd ‘Take-away Thursday”? Yes of course! Do we enjoy a glass of good wine when the mood takes? Well, No – I wouldn’t give wine to the kids…but I quite like it! The point being, we are not an angelic family that lives on kale and beetroot, but we do try to buy from local producers and farmers where possible. There really is no shortage of excellent produce in West Cork but sometimes it can be expensive so you will see the shop bought, ready made products feature in the blog and if any products in particular catch my eye, I’ll let you know!

Summer surfing in West Cork

You might ask how I would categorise this blog. Well, I should be excited that I have managed to slot into about 17 different categories but the powers that be tell me thats not great for my SEO ratings, so we will try to whittle it down to just a few. Mostly, this blog is about ‘lifestyle’. Lifestyle is such a huge element of my job as a nutritionist because the type of food you choose to eat is often dependent on the type of lifestyle you live. An active lifestyle usually goes hand in hand with a healthy balanced diet.


Rocket and beef carpaccio with sheeps cheese

This is my new beginning. I have spent 10 months out of the gym, giving my body a chance to heal a little after surgery and prioritising rest. Now, I’m feeling good, so while I am able, I’ll get back to training, writing and learning. Last night, I had my first session back in the gym. To say I felt decrepit is a little dramatic but a total understatement. I started with battle ropes and even there, my legs were like jelly. I did a little more than I had planned so today will be a total rest day with yoga tonight as I allow one ‘activity’ per day.  My blog will keep you updated on my training and progress in line with all the deliciousness I cook along the way.

This is it – this is where we will start on a journey together. I love to hear feedback so if you want to get in touch, leave a comment, catch me on twitter / instagram /  or facebook and I will get back to you when I can.

Oh, and I love to hear about other good blogs, so post your link below if you think I should know about it.

x Fi

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Copyright by Fiona O’Donell. All rights reserved.