Health is something that we often take for granted. Without it, both physical and mental wellness can suffer. Poor eating habits often contribute to poor health. Added to this, a lifestyle with little activity can contribute to risk factors for cardiac disease and other illnesses.
Conversely, developing fitness just a little and improving nutrition can have such a positive impact on an individual’s overall wellness. Good nutrition and an active lifestyle can┬áreduce risk factors for cardiac diseases and some cancers. Moderate physical activity of at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week ┬áis the optimal amount of activity for good health.

While this information seems simple, individuals often feel confused about where and how to start making lifestyle changes. My aim is to provide the information required for clients to make the right nutrition choices and to increase their physical activity.

While nutrition and an active lifestyle are important, it is worth acknowledging the impact of a stressful lifestyle on wellness. Methods to reduce stress such as yoga and meditation can also result in positive changes in lifestyle.

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