Nutrition Education Programme

All I have ever wanted for myself is to be able to understand how to nourish my body. The internet is full of information but knowing which information is the right information is the difficult part. Learning about nutrition has allowed me to make the right choices for my health and to lose those extra pounds gained over Christmas or perform at my best during a race. Its not shiny and exciting and it’s certainly not a magic pill to a “smaller waist in 10 days” but education will allow you to make the informed choices needed to allow you to achieve your goals.

3 Sustain Education Programme

This 3 month group coaching series offers you the opportunity to start from scratch and learn about food, nutrition, habits, mindset and behaviour. Each month offers new learning and reinforcement of learning from the previous block. In the education programme, we begin with the basics of nutrition and develop an understanding of how different foods affect your body. There are no secrets and no “please buy my magic supplement” requests anywhere – just science informed advice, broken down into bite sized chunks for you.

Month 1. Nutrition

In the first month, you will begin with the very basics of nutrition. Calories will be explained along with macronutrients, micronutrients and an explanation of why each is so important for your health. You will learn about how you can use nutrition to achieve your fat loss or performance goals. Priority is always given to health and an emphasis is put on periodisation of programmes.

progression of nutrition learning

Month 2. Accountability

In the second month, you will progress to the Accountability Group. In this programme, we use the learning from the Education Programme to inform your progress. We begin with addressing habits and discuss how habits can impact your ability to achieve your goals. With your goals in mind, the discussion turns to food choices. Daily posts in the facebook group encourage you to share your goals and to be accountable for the choices you make.

Month 3. Movement

In the Movement Group, we revisit your learning from the previous two programmes. Here, we consider how lifestyle changes can set you on the path to achieving your goals. Together, we review your goals, behaviours relating to food and movement and reinforce learning through repetition in a supportive environment. We introduce the basic movements that you would have in a gym programme and break them down to the fundamental steps so that you can walk into a gym confidently with an understanding of where to begin.

If you decide at any time that you need a break, you can cancel your subscription! The option to return at any time and restart where you left off is also open to you.

You will have access to a voice activated food tracking app where you can track your nutrition as you learn. Free resources for yoga sessions, stretching & core workouts are included. All users will have the option to repeat any segment of the course at a 10% lifetime discount.

If you need extra accountability, a 1-1 call weekly and a review of your own nutrition, then the programme upgrade allows for exactly that. So what are you waiting for? The only decision you need to make is what date you want to begin!

Pay a monthly subscription of €79 and cancel at any time*

The programme always begins on a Monday so once you have paid, be sure to send me a message here to let me know that you have signed up to the programme.

*Cancellation of your subscription must be completed prior to the new segment beginning. Refunds cannot be processed once the next phase has started.

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