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Empowering busy women to make sustainable lifestyle changes through nutrition education and flexible, goal driven training

At, we focus on health first and on building a healthy, sustainable approach to your eating and training habits. We have a selection of options to suit your needs.

Body comp changes
Body Composition Changes

1-1 Coaching

If you choose 1-1 coaching, you will have a full month of direct access to me via your very own app. On this app (Libro) you will be able to log your food as well as access a calendar where your weekly tasks or check-ins will be listed. Check-in is scheduled on a weekly basis following your 1st 1-1 phone or video call. Rather than receiving a food plan and eating to someone else’s timeline, you will receive a one day sample and base your choices of food and nutrients around this plan. Macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate and fat ) intake will be suggested and an outline of how to structure your day will be given. You will receive the following;

  • A review of your current eating habits and identification of deficiencies and habits that could be preventing you from reaching your goals
  • A 1-day sample plan will be sent to you so that you can base your intake of macronutrients around this plan.
  • 7 day menu with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options
  • Help setting up a series of weekly goals
  • Mid and long term goal setting
  • 1 hour online or face to face meeting to discuss and plan the above
  • Weekly check in with feedback via email

If you choose a plan for training only, a phone or face time consultation is still included in order to customise your programme and suggest energy intake.

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Available Programmes

Online Education and Coaching Groups

Coaching Series
3 Month Coaching Series

This 3 month group coaching series offers you the opportunity to start from scratch and learn about food, nutrition, habits, mindset and behaviour. Each month offers new learning and reinforcement of learning from the previous block. In the education programme, we begin with the basics of nutrition and develop an understanding of how different foods affect your body. There are no secrets and no “please buy my magic supplement” requests anywhere – just science informed advice, broken down into bite sized chunks for you.

Progression of learning

From the Education Programme, you can progress to the Accountability Group. In this programme, we use the learning from the Education Programme to inform our progress. We begin with goal setting and group discussion around our food choices. From here, we address our habits and begin to identify the behaviours that are preventing and enabling us to achieve our goals.

Finally, in the Sustain Group, we revisit our learning from the previous two programmes and consider how lifestyle changes can set us on the path to achieving our goals. Together, we review our goals, behaviours relating to food and movement and reinforce our learning through repetition in a supportive environment.

If you decide at any time that you need a break, you can cancel your subscription! If you would prefer to only do the education programme, or you want to come back after 2 months and continue with the accountability group, then all you need to do is cancel your subscription and pop me an email!

To top it all off, I am giving you all access to a voice activated food tracking app where you can track your nutrition as you learn. I’ll even add in some free resources for yoga sessions, stretching & core workouts and an option for you to repeat any segment of the course at a 10% lifetime discount.

So what are you waiting for? The only decision you need to make is what date you want to begin!

Pay a monthly subscription of €59 and cancel at any time*

Want To Sign Up?

Sign up via paypal to whichever programme you like and get started straight away! No need to wait for group sign up! All you need to do is email me to let me know what your chosen start date is and I will get you signed up.

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