Performance Nutrition

“Where performance is your priority, your health needs to be your foundation. To perform, you need to thrive.”

Fiona O’Donnell MSc

A huge element of that foundation is nutrition. Many athletes prioritise training and can find themselves neglecting nutrition. This puts athletes at risk of illness, injury and can ultimately prevent them from achieving their goals. Nutrition plays a huge part in fuelling training and competing. It is also an integral element of recovery and growth. The harder you recover, the more able you are to head out and do it all again tomorrow.

No team manager ever sent an F1 car out without fuel in the tank. No coach should ever send an athlete onto the pitch, court or track without ensuring their athlete is optimally nourished.

Sports Performance

As a transplant athlete herself, Fiona understands the fine line between pushing the body hard and allowing for optimal recovery. Nutrition is a key element in recovery. Education is at the forefront of her methodology with a strong emphasis on the development of good habits. Fiona has worked with a wide range of athletes from triathletes and endurance runners to rugby & tennis players. Her strategy with her clients is ‘health first’ as this is the basis for optimal performance.

Fiona also provides nutrition content to athletes through the Triathlon Ireland platform. She has worked with athletes of different levels from those beginning their triathlon journey to those competing at Ironman level.

Working With Fiona

Assessing your overall nutrition is an important starting point. Fiona will begin by ensuring you are meeting the demands of your training. This approach ensures that you are in energy balance and taking in the nutrients you need to support health. Together you will build a plan that will allow you to take control of your nutrition and your health. Optimising performance can begin once the foundation has been set.

Fiona consults with clients on a weekly basis and works with her clients in blocks of four weeks. Initial consultation including follow up and 4 week planning must be booked prior to purchase.

Cost of this service is €179

In order to take the win, you need to thrive! Let me help you achieve that.

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