Advance 1 To 1 12 Week Coaching

Advance 1 To 1 12 Week Coaching

Food and movement work symbiotically. Nourishing food allows us to feel better in mind and body and has a positive effect on our performance. Equally, movement PLUS certain foods can help to develop lean muscle and fuel us to go faster for longer.

Can you imagine ditching the food restriction. Can you imagine loving your body THAT MUCH that all you want to do is nourish it through movement and nutrition.

Can you imagine having freedom from the weight of food guilt, diet culture and the feeling of being lost and not knowing where to turn next?

But more than anything else, can you commit to learning? Can you commit to investing in your mental, emotion and physical health so that you never have to go down the road of questioning your choices around food and exercise again?

Commit now! Choose to support your ongoing development and health.

€359.00/month X 3


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