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We have been hosting training camps in Clonakilty for 4 years and understand the importance of inclusion, the needs of the individual and delivering an amazing experience in West Cork. The focus of our camps is on fun. In the ‘grown up’ world, training, nutrition, education and exercise can all seem like ‘work’. We want to remind you about the fun element so that we can get that mojo going again as well as optimising your performance.

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Signing up for a training camp can be a daunting step to take. But that step can be the beginning of an amazing journey of self improvement and self discovery. We take an holistic approach to fitness. There is no motto of ‘Go hard or go home’. We believe that fitness is a journey and as such, should be sustainable and enjoyable. Our training camps cater for all abilities. With that said, improvements don’t come from ‘taking it easy’. We want you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and watch your training take on new heights.

Training camp friends

Training Camp Dates

2020 September 19th & 20th Saturday & Sunday


  • I can’t run/swim/have a bike – can I still take part?
    • Of course you can. For each of the disciplines, the groups will be broken up in to two groups. For the running, more accomplished runners will focus on run intervals. Those who don’t run will cover run technique and then move to short, easy, walk run intervals. The same goes for swimming – if you are nervous of the water, we will show you some techniques to make you more comfortable. If you do not have a bike, for insurance reasons, we cannot supply you with one.
  • I live close by so I don’t need accommodation – do I still have to pay full price?
    • The cost of the weekend without accommodation is €290.
  • I can only make 1 day of the event – is it possible to attend one day only?
    • Yes, you can arrange to come to just one day. But individuals attending the full weekend are given priority places so your space is dependant on numbers.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    • Swim gear – hat, goggles, wetsuit (if you have one)
    • Bike, rain mac, puncture repair kit, red light for rear of bike, high vis & helmet
      • No helmet/high vis/lights – no bike ride!
    • Run – run kit, ideally a second pair of runners if the 1st pair get wet
    • Comfortable clothes for lounging in
    • If you wish to dress up for dinner, the sky is the limit, bring a ball gown (although you may stand out in the room).
  • I am a coeliac / pescatarian / allergic to nuts – can I still eat with you?
    • Please make us aware of any medical allergies or strict food preference prior to arrival. We will do our best to accommodate you. If you have multiple allergies, let’s have a call to discuss them.

Terms & Conditions

After August 31st, deposits are non refundable. If full price has been paid, 50% is refundable until midnight Friday 11th September.

All participants will be required to sign a par-q form confirming that they have no underlying health conditions that might put them at risk.

We ask all participants to remain socially distanced during the training programmes and as such to ensure they bring face masks to the camp in the event that the weather brings us indoors.

Group participants will have their temperature checked prior to training on both Saturday & Sunday morning. Anyone showing a temperature or signs of illness will unfortunately be required to isolate.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, training sessions will be brought indoors.

The 2019 events proved to be amazing days of learning and self development. If you want to experience this for your self, all you have to do is click the link below and sign up.

Package Options

For any further queries, please contact Fiona on with “Training Camp” in the ‘subject’ field.

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