Training Weekend to Beat Them All

Its happening – despite everything working against us, the training weekend has been scheduled and we are ready to welcome all who can make it.

The weekend is all about fun, movement and learning about ourselves and what drives us to perform or look for change. Bring plenty of changes of clothes as you may find yourself playing chase in the sea fully dressed.

Run Training

You will also experience a joy to running that you have never experienced before. Running is FUN and too many choose to run too fast or second guess their own abilities rather than relish the delight of movement. We are here to show you how to stretch those legs with joy.

When we grow up, we forget that feeling of laughing. Laughing so hard that you have tears rolling down your face. Bursting with the effort to hold the fun inside so that the teacher doesn’t catch you. This is what life should be. This is what movement should be. Spontaneously running into the sea, fully dressed, willing to drive home in your knickers for a bit of craic……this is the joy that training with a group brings to me.

No judgement of your efforts. No comparison of fitness levels. The beauty of a weekend like this is that we are all individual and all willing to work on ourselves. Give yourself this opportunity to just let go, to move, to laugh and to learn.

We will swim, we will run, we will bike – and we will do so much more! When all your coaches love triathlon, it is inevitable that this is the result – so while you may not see yourself as an aspiring triathlete and while this is not technically a triathlon training weekend….be prepared to get hooked!

For more information and to sign up – Check out the info page HERE.

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Fiona O'Donnell

Fiona has a background working in the health industry as a cardiac physiologist. Since leaving hospital work, she has worked as a Nutritionist following completion of her MSc in Exercise & Nutrition Science. Fiona is also qualified as a PT, Pilates instructor and lifeststyle coach. In 2017, Fiona received a kidney transplant and is now back to triathlon training.

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  1. David Feasey
    August 14, 2020 / 5:27 am

    Good luck with your training weekend. It sounds great 👍

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