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I have been working in health and fitness for over 20 years and started out in hospitals as a cardiac physiologist. 

My attitude to food was based on good or bad choices and I was convinced that ‘thinner’ meant ‘healthier’! I was always on some kind of diet. I was ‘giving up chocolate’ or ‘cutting back on bread’ or ‘walking an extra 5,000 steps a day. The effort was constant – and it was all consuming. 

As my career progressed,I began to realise that body size was not always a predictor of health and being thinner didn’t mean fitter, happier or more confident. In fact, it became obvious to me that individuals who were on that constant rollercoaster of on/off the diet were the least confident in their bodies and had the lowest energy levels and health behaviours… 

Through years of experiencing a range of sports from water skiing to rugby, and tae kwon do to showjumping, I have discovered that joy, confidence and a sense of achievement have come through performance and skill development. Not through a number on the scale. 

In 2015, as I waited for a kidney transplant, I discovered open water swimming. At the time, I was afraid to put my face in the water. But with declining health – physical performance was difficult. I could do very little cycling or running so I decided to put all my energy into developing a new skill. 

The joy, personal growth and sense of pride I achieved through breaking down my fear of the water bled into all areas of my life. It gave me the confidence to recover from a massive surgery. It gave me the sense of urgency I needed to attempt new goals I would never have considered. I competed in my first triathlon. I signed up for a half ironman. I started my own company. I spoke at international summits on physiology and nutrition. I began to plan for a future that I had drawn for myself. I wasn’t just sitting back and waiting for it to happen anymore. 

Thats when I decided I wanted to package this feeling and share it with other women who felt stuck in their lives. Because I had felt stuck. I was unhappy in my job. I was frustrated that my health was holding me back from achieving. And yet – I managed to turn it all around and create a life that I loved. I wanted to open the door for other women to do the same. And so the Advance platform was born. 

One of my highest values is sharing of knowledge. I keep learning so that I can share all the information I gather into bite sized learning pods for you. My qualifications are as follows; 

Primary Qualification in equivalent of BSc in Clinical Measurement with specialist training in Cardiology

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